The client arrived with a necessity to create a room for her kids, a place with multiple purposes, where they could store their toys, play and that could also serve to sleep in case they have a slumber party. The design process started with the aim of creating in one room, multiple environments since the room would be used by 3 kids and with guests more even. It was vital that even if they were in the same room they could be divided into different zones preventing them to let the room being used by only one kid. The result was a bunker bed with a curtain, for privacy if wanted, two storage places, one in each side, one for the mom to store the chair and table when they are not using it, and more things that need supervision, and the other closet for the kids, to place bigger toys. Using the double height of the room, we placed a mezzanine where a kid could be playing with privacy from the people on the first floor, and under the stairs more storage, but this time with a designated space for each one, and their favorite toys.
The color palette and finishes were chosen to be neutral for boys and girls, and the wood to create a cozier environment.