The aim of this project was aiding them with the interior design of several areas of the climbing gym. Their vision was to create a space that could be inviting to new people that have never tried climbing before while still have hints of outdoors in a more abstract and polished way. The point was to develop a different concept from their competitors that have a more bohemian look because, after making a poll, we discovered that following the same style the competitors have was meaning closing the range of possible clients, because people living where the gym is located prefer mostly trendy places, so we decided to create a place that could be appealing to a wider range of people while staying conscious of the root of the brand.

The main concept was inspired about several things of nature that you could experience while going on a hike or to climb a mountain, like looking on the top of a mountain and see the mountain ranges, one after another one, and the mystery of mist while taking a hike. The main color palette was extracted from the branding to create a union while keeping it neutral to people. Furniture was either selected or custom made, depending on their needs.

This project is currently under construction in Monterrey, México.