The aim of this project was to create, starting from an established branding of a new restaurant, a concept to differentiate themselves from the competitors. The colors of the branding were already similar to other restaurants with a healthy concept so we needed to create something that could work with those colors and at the same time set them apart from the rest. They wanted a fresh, simple, friendly, with contemporary vibes space that could reflect what they look in their brand. A place that could invite people to meet them while being a healthy fast food restaurant.

The design contemplated 3 aspects, the front salad bar, the ceiling, and the walls. The salad bar was made of terrazzo that mixed all the colors in the interior so it could set as a union between elements, and as the texture. The ceiling was suspended so it helped us play with the height and add like an abstract form of a bowl that broke with the rest of the place and added a pop of color while being a focal point. The walls were thought to serve as a place to store things needed for the cooks and as decoration. It was a small place that needed to be functional and yet appealing to customers, so we played with colors and simple forms to achieve that balance and the desired concept of the clients.