The client arrived with the need for creating a unique concept for this new nail salon. Since the image for the branding was created later, in the beginning, there was not a limitation of colors and style. The differentiation of this nail salon from the rest is that they also create art in nails, something that you don´t see often in other nail salons in the city where is located. The client started to think about opening this place after several years of turning into nail art as a form of escape from the stress of daily life. These two things inspired the final concept of the place, using colors and materials that are common in places that evoke tranquility, like white and light wood, while adding a twist that represents the creativity of nail art, the strokes of colors in the walls that resembles when someone is painting nails.

The process of this project started from the development of the concept passing through plans and choosing materials and furniture (most of the furniture was custom made, for the exception of the chairs and lighting) to the execution of the project.

+ Pictures soon